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Thanks for Signing Up!

We are counting down the days to the Become A King Intensive, experiencing a deep anticipation and expectation of what the Father desires to do for his sons through this event! The excitement is overflowing. God’s fierce intention is to make an increasing way for life. And with this choice to dive into the deeper waters come the preemptive attacks of our enemy to steal, kill, and destroy. He will try whatever he can to take us out in big ways or small to sabotage what God is hoping to bring us through the Intensive.


Here are critical action steps for preparation as well as thoughts on safeguarding against the enemy. Please read everything below.


July 3-9

Week 1

  • Read – Becoming a King - Chapter 1

  • Watch/Listen – BASIC S#1 Heart of a Man

  • To Do – Plant a Tree – The details of where, when, and how are not as important, but with your own hands and your own shovel, set aside the time to do what is necessary to plant a tree that makes sense in the context of your story today. Pay attention to your soul. What comes up as a reaction to this request? Where does your heart go in this process over time? The most important thing is to invite your Father into the process with you. 

July 10-16

Week 2

July 17-23

Week 3 

July 24-30

Week 4 

July 31-Aug. 6

Week 5 

Aug. 7-13

Week 6 

Aug. 14-20

Week 7 

Aug. 21-27

Week 8

Aug. 28-Sept. 3

Week 9

Sept. 4-10

Week 10 

Sept. 11-17

Week 11

  • To Do – Submit story and picture of your tree to

  • Assignment: Set aside 30 minutes. Pause. Slow down. Do what is in your power to reunite your heart with God. Ask him what is set against you in these days leading up to the Intensive. Ask him how he wants to partner with you in providing everything you and your family need so that you can be prepared for the Intensive.

  • Set aside time to be with God and allow your masculine soul to respond to these questions:

    • What’s not working? What feels unresolved or unfinished within you?

    • Where do you feel behind?

    • What are the deep questions surfacing in your soul and story?

  • Come in rested. I know that seems impossible. Yet God has a particular provision for your masculine soul in preparation for this event, if you want it. Ask him. Make it a priority to be nourished by God in preparation for this event.

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