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My Father God,


I come before You today, acknowledging the spiritual battles that rage around me and the forces that seek to invade my kingdom, my domain , and my home. I ask for Your divine protection over the my home and the homes of all believers and followers of Christ.


Lord, just as You placed a hedge of protection around Job, I ask that You build a canopy of protection around my home. As it is written in Isaiah 40, You stretch out the heavens like a canopy. Let this protection be all-encompassing, a sphere that shields me and my family completely.


I pray that this canopy be sealed with the precious blood of  your son, Jesus Christ. I invite Your angels to create and build this canopy around my homes, my  kingdom, my domain, and my bedroom. [for first timers offering this prayer] I pray Your angels establish this protective barrier over my home anew and fully afresh this day. [For returners who have already prayer for the creation of a protective barrier over their home] I ask for any necessary repairs, cleansing, and rebuilding of my canopy of protection, sealing it once again with the blood of Christ.


Father, I ask that You place sight and sound barriers on this canopy to prevent the kingdom of darkness from seeing or hearing what myself [or all my family] is/are doing, and to keep me from being aware of the enemies schemes. Let there be a divine barrier between me (us) and the forces of evil in the fallen earthly realms.


Inside this canopy, I ask You to fill it with Your love, and your Holy Spirit. Fill my home with the glory of You, Lord, so that I may rest peacefully, with holy dreams and divine goodness surrounding me. Let me sleep untroubled by the enemy, knowing that Your presence is with me.


Lord, as I live in a world where the spiritual war is constant, I acknowledge that my protective canopy may endure assaults. Therefore, I come before you on my knees asking for daily cleansing and rebuilding of this canopy. May Your angels continuously repair it and seal it with the blood of Jesus Christ.


I trust in Your mighty power and Your everlasting love to protect and bless my home. Thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness and for hearing my prayer. I love you, I worship you, and I trust you.


In the name of your glorious and perfect son, Jesus Christ, I pray.



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