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Father God, I surrender my body, a sacred vessel, I now present unto Jesus Christ as a living sacrifice, a testament to His grace. The limbs and organs of my form, I humbly offer as instruments of righteousness, redeemed by the precious blood of Christ. In His light, my body becomes a hallowed sanctuary, a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. With contrition in my heart, I renounce any past misuse or abuse of this physical temple, covering these transgressions with the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. I rededicate each facet of my body, consecrating it wholly to the benevolent rule of Jesus Christ. Let the cleansing flow of Christ's blood purify and sanctify my body anew. Holy Spirit, inhabit this temple, and restore it to the complete dominion of Jesus Christ.

Gracious Father, in deep gratitude for the blessings and provision of this abode, I now submit it to Your authority and the authority of Jesus Christ. In His name, I claim complete dominion over this dwelling, for the keys of this sanctuary have been entrusted to me—a testament to the authority You have granted. I disavow all ungodliness and sinful actions that have tainted these walls, renouncing any claims the enemy may have asserted over it. By the redeeming power of Jesus' blood, I cleanse this dwelling, both spiritually and physically. I consecrate every facet, dedicating this home to the benevolent rule of Jesus Christ and to the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. The appliances, the very structure and infrastructure, the essential elements of water and electricity, the spiritual and physical realms, and even the land upon which it stands—I consecrate them all. As I walk through each room with purpose and devotion, Holy Spirit, infuse every nook and cranny with the glory of Your kingdom, with love, peace, and sacred tranquility. I call upon Jesus to dispatch His angels to purify and fortify this dwelling, erecting a protective shield around it. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I hereby declare this home, its land, and all contained therein, as the sanctified property of the kingdom of God.

Lord Jesus, I humbly acknowledge that You, as my Creator, are also the Author of my sexuality. As my Savior, You have redeemed me with Your precious blood, thus becoming the Savior of my very essence. This body, which has been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ, wholly belongs to God, including my sexual identity. I stand before You, presenting myself to be made whole and holy in every aspect, including my sexuality. Just as You beckon us to offer our bodies as living sacrifices and the various facets of our being as instruments of righteousness, I heed Your call today. I present my body, my sexuality, and my unique sexual nature before You. Amen.

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