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Most of the world attempts to build kingdoms without Kings and Queens. Jeremiah 1:5, Deuteronomy 30:3, and Revelation 3:20 extend to humanity the grand invitation given to us by Jesus Christ. The message of God is not just a message of salvation by way of faith but rather faith's initiation of healing and spiritual formation in the here and now. Train To Reign explores the journey of spiritual formation and the full invitation of Jesus Christ by way of podcast, community groups, and retreats. Have you heard of a gentleman by the name of John Eldredge? He is the former president of “Wild at Heart”, originally known as “Ransomed Heart Ministries” based out of Colorado. We facilitate annual heart restoration camps for both men and women in support of this larger ministry. We have been facilitating these camps for over a decade. We have a three-camp spiritual formation discipleship path for men and a camp for women inviting them into the larger meta-narrative that is Jesus Christ and helping them to find their identity in God and through God as we see Him revealed in scripture.

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Three Camps... One Spiritual Journey

John Eldredge, author of "Wild at Heart," will help us explore key questions about who we are as men, who God intends us to be and the spiritual battles that surround us. This is not a retreat where guys break into small groups and share their feelings, but we will have extended time alone with Jesus in a place free of distraction–one that is bursting with the beauty and wonder of his creation. It’s a time of peace and introspection, healing and restoration, laughter and camaraderie, and a charge to become the warrior and lover you were meant to be. The cost of the weekend includes lodging and food. The weekend begins at 6 p.m. on Thursday evening and ends around 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.


 A Godly woman is one of great power and influence

Join other women and take an opportunity to be refreshed and renewed as the Lord speaks to your heart. This weekend's focus is based on the book "Captivating" by Stasi Eldredge. You'll explore key questions about who God intends you to be and the spiritual battle for your heart. The weekend is at the Eagles Wing Lodge in the Hocking Hills about an hour form Columbus. It is Thursday evening through Sunday near noon.

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  • Resilient Study
    Resilient Study
    Every Other Wednesday (via Zoom)
    Every Other Wednesday (via Zoom)
    Do you need resilience? Has the spiritual malaise and warfare become too much? John Eldredge's book, "Resilient" gives you critical keys to strength by way of accessing the power and restoration of Jesus Christ during these turbulent times.
  • Becoming A King "The Intensive" | Sept. 21-24, 2023
    Becoming A King "The Intensive" | Sept. 21-24, 2023
    Sept. 21-24, 2023
    Sept. 21-24, 2023
    Hocking HIlls, Ohio, 20584 Buena Vista Rd, Rockbridge, OH 43149, USA
    THE Becoming a King Intensive is the final camp in the spiritual formation journey. Even great men who strive to be entrusted with vast amounts of God's kingdom may never reach this spiritual mountain top unless they have recognized that you cannot go this deep with God and do it alone.
  • Bootcamp "Basic" | Nov. 2-5, 2023
    Bootcamp "Basic" | Nov. 2-5, 2023
    Nov. 2-5, 2023
    Nov. 2-5, 2023
    Hocking HIlls, Ohio, 20584 Buena Vista Rd, Rockbridge, OH 43149, USA
    Bootcamp basic is our first camp offering to men. This camp offering addresses the larger story of God. It provides an invitation into the true story of a man's identity in Christ. It addresses the wounded nature of the heart, how to love the beauty, what it means to live out your calling.


“On Being Made in the Image and Likeness of God”

God is so brilliant and tactical in his choice of revelatory words. Before, addressing the two very critical words that represent God, it is important to see that God is using the Trinitarian “us” as he refers to what he has intended to be manifest in humanity. It’s not just God the father, or God the son, or even God the spirit, but rather the entirety of the Trinity representative in human beings (Adam and Eve). With that being said, let’s take a look at the Hebrew words’ “image” and “likeness”.

God is very intentional in using two specific Hebrew words to highlight the Imago Dei found in Genesis chapter 1. As you will see below, God is painting, the full scope portrait of what it means to represent his fullness in humanity, by both, addressing the outer representation and the inner representation of humanity. This is the significance and purpose of the two words being used.

צַלְמ // Image

The theological dictionary identifies this word, in its most common use form as, “statue, relief, drawing, constellation, cultic figure, physical form,” fig. “image”. We can see from this Hebrew word that God speaking to the outer representation of his image towards the world in form and function. God does not make mistakes nor did he and his attempts to represent and build both man and woman uniquely in his physical representation. This word also speaks to the outer function of Gods manifestation as we can see the literal capabilities of both man and woman. They receive the capability to create (bārā') and rule(āśâ) from a posture of stewardship just like God.

דְמוּת // Likeness

The Jenni-Westermann word interpretation best describing its usage is that of “To resemble”, is extant beyond; “picture”. This beautiful word speaks to God gifting humanity, the inner heart level representation of himself. We see that in the garden of Eden, God was in perfect relationship with Adam and Eve before the fall. In that perfect and harmonious relationship, the inner life, and the soul of both Adam and Eve were perfect reflections to the world of God. This likeness speaks to the love, the righteousness, and the goodness of God.

There is a direct connection between properly understanding who God is, and who you are as a Christian. Most people live lives completely confused as if they walked into a movie 45 minutes late. This is what it feels like when you do not understand God because you cannot understand who you are and the story that you were called to live if you don’t understand who God is in his Imago Dei reflection upon your inner and outer life. We can see the distortion and chaos that has been the result of not understanding who God truly is. As a result, human beings try to desperately usurp the authority of God and attempt to create their own identity separate from God. Some of this is the result of people simply not knowing any better, and some of it is the result of Christians, not consenting to the journey of true spiritual formation, so that they can ensure that their Imago Dei mirror is properly tilted at 45° (true humility does this by the way) reflecting God to the world and allowing the world to see God through them.





20584 Buena Vista Road, Rockbridge, OH, USA

We want to help you with in any questions you may have about us. If you have reached this page please know it was not by mistake. you are being called to go deeper, to seek more. There is an adventure awaiting you. One that has been calling to you your whole life. Now is the time to say "YES!"

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